Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amanda Seyfried Great Shift Caption

Timmy was a normal 11 year old boy. He went to school everyone, he thought about girls, and he was constantly hanging out and playing some video games with his best friends. Timmy was living a normal and happy life. All of that changed when an event known as the Great Shift happened. Now Timmy went from being a happy 11 year old boy to being in the body of actress Amanda Seyfried! Timmy panicked as he wondered where he was. He looked down at himself and realized he was not in his own body, but in the body of an adult woman. Timmy thought for a second about being a pervert in his new body until he learned that he was Amanda Seyfried now. Now Timmy felt more worry and panic than anything.

Welcome to the Jungle!

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